Terms and Conditions

École de Danse Eddy Toussaint

Cancellation Policy

All Cancellations must be mandatorily done be email. Registration fees are non-refundable. Classes will be reimbursed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Bureau in totality of all remaining classes after subtracting the penalty (10% of all remaining classes to a maximum of $50).

Duration of the session and make-up classes

The session starts on April 5th and lasts 10 weeks. No classes will be given from Friday the 19th of April till Monday the 22nd and also April the 28th due to the Vaganova exams. Classes will be given in our studios at 3671 boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest, Laval, Québec, H7T 1A7. In case of absence, no classes can be made up throughout the session.

Dress Code

Girls : Leotards are to be sleeveless and/or spaghetti strap and hair is to be pulled back in a bun off of the face.

Group Leotard color
Pre-ballet Pink (pink skirt is optional)
Beginner 1 Baby blue
Beginner 2 Purple
Beginner boys White T-shirt
Intermediate 1,2 and 3 Maroon
Advanced Black
Intermediate and Advanced boys Black T-shirt
Adult Black

Annual Recital

The Ballet Eddy Toussaint will organise a recital who will take place Sunday the 16th of June. During that event, every student will have the opportunity to show their friends and family what they learned during the year at École de Danse Eddy Toussaint. The participation is highly recommended.

Photo and video shootings

L’École de danse Eddy Toussaint reserves the right to use all photos and videos of our students taken during the classes and school events for promotional and marketing use.

General Regulations of the École de danse Eddy Toussaint

As a student of the École de Danse Eddy Toussaint, I accept to follow the following regulations:

  1. To be punctual and attentive during class, excessive tardiness can lead to a refusal to enter the classroom
  2. Respecting other dancers, teachers, and our facilities
  3. Actively participate in class
  4. To be present for the annual school recital
  5. Keeping the facilities clean, no food is permitted in the local
  6. Respecting the assigned dress code determined by the school’s faculty
  7. All inadequate behavior and foul language can lead to immediate expulsion of the student
  8. Ballet students should have their hair pulled back and tied in a bun
  9. The changing of clothes are to be done in the dressing rooms only
  10. Parents are not allowed to enter the studio in order to accompany their child
  11. Cell phone usage and all other noisy electronic devices are not allowed in the inside of the classroom

Clause de Non-Responsabilité :

The Signatory of this contract relieves the ÉCOLE DE DANSE EDDY TOUSSAINT of all responsibility of any items or personal effects lost, stolen, or destroyed in the facilities of the ÉCOLE DE DANSE EDDY TOUSSAINT. The Signatory of this contract is conscious of the risks of accident or injury they are exposing themselves to in practicing the different forms of dance they registered for, and declares to assume sole responsibility in such cases.*

* Please note that the Professional Program (minimum of 4 classes per week), the École de Danse Eddy Toussaint strongly discourages the practice of other activities that put the student to a higher risk of injury such as trampoline, football, ski, etc.